Foundation repairs

Solidify your investment!

Call on the rigorous Excavation HEBR team to quickly and efficiently plug any cracks in your foundations. You will enjoy a healthy building longer!

Repair of foundation cracks
Repair of foundation cracks

Repair of foundation cracks

Water infiltration, heat loss and even insect infestations… It is easy to understand why a foundation crack should never be taken lightly! Although some are superficial, others make your home vulnerable to external aggression, which can compromise its strength, but also the health and safety of occupants.

Replace part foundation
Replace part foundation

Replace part of your foundation

The building standards of the past were obviously not the same as those of today! This obsolescence of certain methods can unfortunately apply to your foundations, especially if your home is of a certain age. Therefore, in order to adequately support the weight of the building and prevent potential cracks, seepage and deterioration, part of the foundation may need to be replaced.

Trust the expertise of HEBR's team to implement a new compliant soiling that will adequately fulfill its long-term function!


Decontamination (removal of pyrite)

Are you familiar with pyrite? It's an ore in some rocks that oxidizes and swells in the presence of moisture. Its problem? It was used for several decades as fill under the concrete slabs of houses, especially in Montérégie! In doing so, it causes deformation, lifting and cracking in the concrete slabs under which it rests. The sulphuric acid produced by the initial chemical reaction can also disintegrate concrete. As this is usually a slow phenomenon, the problems of pyrite continue to manifest today, even if its use is forbidden in construction for more than 20 years!

Signs of a pyrite problem

  • Cracks in soiling or ground floor walls
  • Uneven or raised floors
  • White powder near cracks in concrete slab
  • Cracks above doors
  • Poorly closed doors
  • Wall collapse
  • Ineffective foundation drain
  • Increased moisture in the basement and the presence of mould

If you notice several of these signs, it is recommended to perform a pyrite test.

Remove pyrite

How to get rid of pyrite?

The effective method to permanently remove pyrite is to remove the concrete slab and the infrastructure under it consisting of materials containing pyrite in order to replace it with DB certified (non-inflating).

Thanks to our General Contractor license, our team has the expertise to support you in all stages of your project. You will only need one intermediary to coordinate all the work, and that intermediary will ensure a regular and detailed report on the progress of the project. The warm approach and competence of the team will put you in confidence, and you will be able to find a home based on healthy and solid foundations!

You have a
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