Excavation and demolition

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Our passionate team will provide you with turnkey work that includes not only the excavation but also all subsequent phases of the project. Our excavation company stands out for its great versatility and its personalized, professional and courteous support throughout the process.

excavation South Shore
excavation South Shore


Since proper excavation requires unparalleled attention to detail, we use high-performance machinery. We are very familiar with the systems and components in the soil surrounding your home, so you can really count on our expertise to meet your different excavation needs, whether it's for an expansion, a swimming pool, an English courtyard or any other project.

Holder of several licenses of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec, we work according to very strict compliance standards and have professional insurance to compensate for any possible problem, which is not the case for an amateur excavator who could, in the event of an error, incur expenses that far exceed the savings made at the time of the error!


Demolition and stripping-out

Do you want to demolish part or all of a building? Be sure to select skilled and thorough workers who will be effective, accurate and safe without damaging the rest of the components or nearby structures. After Excavation HEBR visit, your land will be ready for new projects!

Our demolition company will take care to clear your land of any debris and level it so that you can quickly carry out your subsequent projects. Forget about piles of dirt, craters and abandoned building materials on your land! Our professional and rigorous team will ensure that everything is in perfect order and that any unwanted elements have been removed before leaving the site. We also protect our staff as much as anyone accessing the site. Excavation HEBR makes sure to work with the owner to ensure the safety of the premises even when the work is not in progress (evenings, weekends, in case of rain, etc.)

An overview of our services in this category of work

Dismantling or total demolition

Total demolition is the demolition of a building or structure to start anew.

Dismantling or partial demolition

Partial demolition is a delicate process by which only part of a building or structure is removed.

Stripping-out or selective interior demolition

Stripping-out is intended to meticulously remove components such as electrical wiring, divisions, insulation or plumbing without touching the structure itself. This technique is often used in a space reconfiguration project, or when specific elements need to be brought up to standard.

Home extension
Home extension

Home extension

Need more space? Expanding your home is a great solution! As a General Contractor, Excavation HEBR takes care of your work from A to Z. For the addition of a garage or for the addition of a second floor, from the excavation to the finish, our team takes charge of the entire project.

Management of construction debris

Do you have environmental concerns? Be aware that the various building materials are sorted by our team during the demolition or stripping operations and that they are then sent to specialized centres, where they can, when possible, be recycled. We are proud to be doing our part for the planet!

It's time to start over? Let us help!

If you have a demolition project, we can do it flawlessly and safely for you, whether it's total or partial, small or large, residential or commercial, we are not afraid of challenges, we love to undertake them!

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