Septic tank replacement
on the South Shore

Free estimate for your septic tank works

The septic tank is an essential element to treat wastewater in a healthy manner. It is therefore crucial to maintain it properly in order to guarantee and maintain its long-term functioning. HEBR has a license for contractors in autonomous sanitation systems (2.4) issued by the RBQ, so its experts have all the skills needed to replace your septic tank on the South Shore or elsewhere in Montérégie.

Septic tank installation.
Septic tank installation.

What are the signs that it's time to replace your septic tank?

It is important to monitor your septic system regularly to quickly identify signs that you have problems with it. By monitoring it, you can also detect potential problems, allowing you to act quickly to avoid significant damage. Here are some indicators that your septic tank has a problem :

  • Part of the grass is greener near your septic tank.
  • Land subsidence.
  • An isolated flood.
  • The age of your septic tank.

When there are trees near your septic tank, the roots may have damaged your tank. You should also consider if you have had movement over your septic tank facilities. Your tank may have to be changed! Also, when you expand your home and add new rooms, you also need to change the size of your septic tank.


The systems offered by HEBR

HEBR is responsible for wastewater systems, from septic tanks to secondary and tertiary systems on the south shore of Montreal and elsewhere in Montérégie. Our experts install conventional leach fields, Ecoflo systems, Bionest systems and System O.

Conventional leach field

This treatment system is the most economical and easy to implement. It consists of a septic tank and a tile field. In order to install the system, the soil must be in excellent condition. Another advantage of this system is that no electricity or maintenance costs are associated with its installation.


This system consists of a septic tank, the Ecoflo tank and a polishing field. In the Ecoflo box, there is a filter composed of peat moss and coconut fiber. This filter is 100% natural and is guaranteed for 10 years. The Ecoflo system does not require a pump for water treatment, so there are no electricity costs. However, it must be changed at an interval of 10 to 15 years depending on its condition. Annual maintenance costs are to be expected. It is possible to add a tertiary treatment with a UV lamp.


This system consists of a septic tank, a Bionest reactor and a polishing field. This technology works with a water circulation pump and an air compressor to feed bacteria into the reactor. Electricity costs are therefore required to operate the compressor and circulation pump. You will also have to pay for the annual inspection. It is also possible to add a tertiary treatment with a UV lamp.

System O

This system, formerly called Envirosepti, is composed of a septic tank as well as a leach field including pipes equipped with a medium that carries out the work of water sanitation thanks to the bacteria that adhere to the medium. System O does not require electricity or maintenance. However, there will be a fee for the annual inspection.

Do you have everything in hand to start your work?

You had an engineer, you got your plans and your permit from the municipality? Excavation HEBR can now start installing your septic tank on the South Shore and in Montérégie! With turnkey service, your septic tank will be in good hands!

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