About Excavation HEBR

A team as strong as their work!

Excavation HEBR is a family-run company that wants to offer quality services. Founded by two brothers with complementary skills, the company aspires to make a significant difference in the daily lives of its customers by performing precise, compliant and sustainable works in excavation, demolition, drainage and earthworks. Surrounded by a valuable team, Alexandre and Vincent Hébert, the co-owners, are committed to delivering results that will satisfy their customers. They have the knowledge and know-how to carry out flawless excavations.


Through his time in the Canadian Forces as an officer, his academic career at Concordia University as a bachelor and his previous career in finance, Alexandre has developed an incomparable sense of organization that allows him to offer structured services in project and site management.

Vincent spent more than 10 years working on heavy machinery, mechanical shovels and other relevant tasks on various types of construction sites before joining his brother in founding Excavation HEBR. He has expertise in safe site management supported by years of practical practice in his field.

Over time, they have surrounded themselves with professionals who share their passion and values. Thanks to the strength of their team, Excavation HEBR is proud to offer a turnkey service.

Alexandre and Vincent Hébert, co-owners of Excavation HEBR.

Customer satisfaction is a priority!

Regardless of the size of your projects, Excavation HEBR will ensure that they are carried out in accordance with your expectations, deadlines and budget. Trust is at the heart of every decision we make. Looking forward, our team will meet your current needs while planning for your long-term use.

Want to be part
of a multi-skill team?

Excavation HEBR is always looking for dynamic people with skills and knowledge in construction or any related field. Each application will be considered. Send your resume today!

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