Drainage and foundation waterproofing on the South Shore

Did you know that water is one of the most damaging elements to a property? In fact, an unrepaired foundation crack or an accumulation of water near the foundations poses a significant risk of infiltration. In doing so, water from rain, snow and groundwater compromises the building's solidity as it can then attack the materials that make up and support the structure.

To adequately protect your foundation in the long term and even to prevent the appearance of new cracks, you can combine effective drainage with a French drain and waterproofing with a sealant or waterproofing membrane.

French Drain

The French drain is a drainage system made up of pipes whose mission is to transport rainwater and groundwater away from your foundations. If your property was built before 1985, it is possible that you don't have one, or it is completely defective which can cause many problems. Why can't the water just sit there? Because water-soaked soil opens the door to moisture problems in your home and inevitably puts a lot of pressure on the concrete on your foundation. Add to this, periods of freezing and thawing and you have in hand a perfect formula for crumbling concrete and for the appearance of cracks! And cracking means increased risk of water infiltration…

French Drain

The consequences
of water infiltration

Water infiltration has the unfortunate habit of gradually damaging the footings and foundation walls of buildings. Worse, the moisture will sooner or later attack the wooden frames and cause them to rot. In other words, this presence of unwelcome water represents a serious threat to everything that supports the weight of your property!

Structural subsidence, if not taken care of, can in the long run cause a collapse... However, the adverse effects of water infiltration are not only structural. Moisture promotes the growth of mould, which, as we know, is very harmful to health.

What maintenance is required
for a French drain?

As a general rule, a French drain has a lifespan of about 30 years if it has been installed correctly. However, if you notice a strong smell of moisture or a whitish, granular deposit on the concrete in your basement, your French drain may be plugged, improperly installed or damaged. In all these cases, hiring specialists such as Excavation HEBR is the best option.

Our expertise and versatility allow us to offer a complete and quality service in the installation, repair and replacement of your French drain. When replacing a French drain, we also waterproof the foundations.


Foundation waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing

Knowing the costly damage that a simple infiltration of water can cause, waterproofing the foundations of your home to make them watertight is a wise and beneficial option in many ways.

Excavation HEBR can perform this task with a specially designed bitumen coating and waterproofing membrane. They will take the opportunity to verify that your drainage system (French drain) is adequate and that it correctly fulfills its function of keeping rainwater and meltwater away from your property.

Your foundations
need help?

Enjoy turnkey work, clear and detailed explanations and exceptional customer service when installing or waterproofing your foundations or even repairing a French drain in St-Lambert, on the South Shore and in Montreal.

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