Basement excavation
with an underlay foundation

Digging a basement, is an investment with multiple benefits!

With Excavation HEBR, you ensure safe, compliant, sustainable and quality work. Enjoy personalized follow-up at every stage of the project. Attentive to your needs, our team will accompany you in the search for satisfactory solutions to your lack of space.

Over the years, our needs change and evolve. The expansion of the family, the accumulation of goods, improving the financial situation by allowing the addition of entertainment rooms such as a home theatre or the desire to build an independent home for an aging parent or tenant are all situations where, quickly, you can feel cramped in your home. If the latter does not yet have a basement, it may be interesting to «dig» this idea!


4 good reasons to add a basement to your home

Expand the living area of your home

Expand the living area of your home

This is, of course, the first reason why owners have to excavate their property. The versatility of this additional space allows them, according to their needs, to arrange additional rooms, a home cinema room, a family room, an independent housing, a storage space, a bathroom or a full bathroom, a laundry room, a bar area and more! Thanks to the organized and professional intervention of the experts of Excavation HEBR, you can quickly enjoy an expanded living area that you can dispose of as you see fit!

Increase the value of your property

Increase the value of your property

Of course, a higher living area also means added value! A finished basement with additional bedrooms will attract buyers more than a crawlspace, and this increase in floor space will allow you to resell your property at a much better price. This is an important investment, but you will reap the benefits not only by taking advantage of more space as long as you are the owner but also by getting a better return on investment when selling!

Improve the state of its foundation

Improve the state of its foundation

If your home has a crawl space rather than a basement, it is likely that it has a certain age. The construction methods at the time were not the ones we know today. Stone (or rubble) soilings were then common, and the durability of this type of foundation is not very convincing. By replacing your crawlspace with a basement, you will benefit from a new infrastructure that complies with today's standards, in order to prevent water infiltration, moisture problems and certain structural defects.

Add independent housing

Add independent

Do you want to host a loved one and offer him his own living space or benefit from an additional entry of money by welcoming a tenant? A basement can easily be built with this in mind! Indeed, an independent entrance can easily be added during the work so that all occupants can keep their privacy! You will thus enjoy the advantages of cohabitation without having to bear the disadvantages!

Procedure before the excavation of a basement with underlaid foundations

  1. Verifying the Municipal Bylaw
  2. Validation of soil resistance
  3. Obtaining the various permits
  4. Structural Engineer Feasibility Assessment
  5. Production of drawings and specifications by the engineer
  6. Shoring of the structure
  7. Establishment of a security perimeter
  8. Excavation of the basement using the chosen method: adding concrete under the existing foundations or completely replacing the existing foundations
  9. Installation of new concrete wheelbases
  10. Installation of steel columns supporting the central beam of the house
  11. Pouring the new concrete slab

The advantage of a full replacement is that you can take advantage of it to perform French drain and waterproofing work. You will have more aboveground area and therefore larger windows! However, this technique is more expensive because it involves lifting the house or digging under it.

English courtyard and exterior access to the basement
English courtyard and exterior access to the basement

A English courtyard with that?

Do you need an independent entrance for your basement or for a unit located partially below ground level, or do you feel that it lacks natural light? An English courtyard provides exterior access to the basement of a building. It's a shallow excavation surrounded by walls or railings that allows light and air to reach the spaces below ground level. In other words, it acts as a kind of open well, facilitating access to lower levels while bringing a sense of space and brightness. Excavation HEBR can design various types of English courtyards to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of your building.

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The addition of a basement is a delicate project that must be entrusted to specialists. In Montreal and on the South Shore, count on the expertise and unwavering rigour of a Contractor specialized in excavation certified by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

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